IELTS, orIELTS certificate is an important step in your education! International English Language Testing System, is a test for people who are going to stay in English-speaking countries because of immigration, education or practical training. The exam allows determining the level of English of a person for whom it’s not the native language.

You need IELTS certificate if you plan to immigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, to study in the higher educational institutions of these countries, as well as Irish, British or American universities. In the world the numbers of institutions that recognize the results of IELTS continue to increase.

The IELTS certificate will be valid for 2 years. When this period is over you will need to confirm the level of proficiency again. But the so-called Cambridge exams group is known for its "permanent" duration. At the same time, these exams have no limitations on the scope of application, and the schools which accept the certificate of CPE or CAE pay attention to the date when it was received. Therefore, for their actual use the "perpetuity" is not an advantage.

What is the structure of the test?

During IELTS you should demonstrate the basic language skills. The exam is divided into four main sections: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. In connection with this the test is integrated, it means that proficiency at all levels constitute the final result. For example, for verifying the writing and speaking skills you also need to possess some information that was previously read or heard.

IELTS test has two versions:

  • Academic module is a variant for those who want to study at the university or the graduate school;
  • General module is a version for those who want to go abroad for work or for permanent residence. 30-40 % of people, who pass this test in Russia, choose the second variant, and the rest prefer Academic module.

You will receive the IELTS certificate on the 13th day after the test. 

 It should be noted that IELTS is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.  The people, who choose General module, mostly go to Australia (37%), New Zealand (30%) and Canada (27%). But those who pass Academic module migrate to the UK and Australia (42% and 37%).

If you want to receive the IELTS certificate with the high scores, it requires appropriate training. In order to facilitate the preparation try to answer the following questions:

  • How much time can you practice every day?
  • What variant will be more comfortable for you – to practice with the teacher individually, choose the special courses of the preparation or study by yourself?

Try to be responsible during the choice of the type of your preparation. Do you have the right materials in order to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam; who will monitor and check your work? Answer these questions, and you’ll understand which method of the preparation you should prefer.

Cambridge Certificate or IELTS exam? Which is best to take for you? Do you want a UKBA via application or are you going to University? Find the answers here:

You wish you the high scores in the IELTS certificate!