IELTS consists of IELTS Listeningfour parts; the first one is called IELTS Listening. This section of the exam takes only 30 minutes, but sometimes it is the most difficult part of the test for many candidates. In order to earn a good score in this part you should clearly understand the specifics of the test and follow the technique assignments.

Typically, this unit consists of four parts. These mini texts on a particular topic have some particular tasks: to choose the correct answer, to agree or disagree with the statement, to write the correct word, number, or date. It should be remembered that each subsequent passage is more complicated than the previous one. That’s why don’t relax on the first task, which is considered to be the easiest one. IELTS is an academic exam and check the depth of your language capabilities, so texts will be contain the abundance of terms and more academic, formal vocabulary.

The only bonus of this part is some extra time to transfer answers in the form of answers during IELTS Listening. You will be given 10 minutes to ensure selected responses to the appropriate fields of the form.

The key to success in IELTS Listening is not only the ability to listen difficult English texts. More important is to be able to analyze the information and choose the correct answer.

Try to start with a reasonable allocation of time. Remember that you listen the text only once. Before each text you are given about a minute to check your answers and get acquainted with the subsequent task. Don’t waste time checking the answers, you still will not be able to hear the text again or restore it in the head. It’s better to spend more time on familiarization with other issues.

Try to determine what kind of task you have to solve. If you should to fill the gap, try to find a clue. For example, if the sentence is present a currency symbol we can just guess what you have to do. Such markers can help you in advance. If you offer to determine the truth of statements, emphasize meaningful words, try to identify the main idea of the proposal and catch it in the speech.

How to prepare for IELTS Listening?

Of course the main advice in this case will be to listen more: it can be radio programs and songs, favorite TV shows and serials. Don’t be lazy and take a 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening in this occupation.

There is a great number of online materials, you can use them for training and for learning the exam format. It will also help with the expansion of your vocabulary and allow checking your own opportunities, monitoring progress and working on the mistakes.

In this video it’ll be shown how to study IELTS Listening effectively:

Finally, the most basic way of mastering all the secrets of this stage of the examination will be the visit of training courses for the exam. A professional teacher can tell what you should pay attention to, how to allocate time and what to do to increase the speed of perception.

Other sections of the test: