IELTS is popular, IELTS online – all what you need to knowbut quite a difficult exam. Many students who take it for admission to the foreign universities often cannot get enough scores. Usually the reason of all the failures is that you haven’t organize a good effective preparation strategy.

The first stage of the preparation for the test should include taking the IELTS online tests. You can find them in the Internet (for example, Many of them are available for free, and it’s offer a valuable benefit. When you take this sample test, you can get acquainted with the features of the tasks, its structure and IELTS requirements. In addition, it will give the opportunity to see the real level of your knowledge and all the weaknesses. Only after passing this test, you can proceed to the elaboration of each section.

To practice Listening section you need to have good listening skills. You can get them with a regular TV watching and listening to the audio content in English. Moreover, special attention should be paid to the accents. In the tasks you can meet not only the British and American accents, but Australian one. If you know how to accurately perceive and understand them, you will increase your chances of success.

During the preparation you should also read a lot, you’ll improve the skill of understanding the printed text and expand your vocabulary. All of this will get the highest score in the section Reading, which you’ll be offered to read the passages and answer the questions. To practice in doing of such type of the tasks, you can also use IELTS online tests, which simulate the real exam.

Also you need to practice in writing an essay and describing the graphs for Writing section. Often you need to try to write the different texts, and to learn the grammar, style and spelling. The most difficult section is Speaking which assesses the ability to express your thoughts and opinions orally. And of you want to pass this section successfully you need to get a good experience of live communication in English.

Must-watch video for IELTS test takers who want to receive high score in reading module:

Retake IELTS online tests in a week before the exam. It will show how much you ready for the real exam. At the same time you’ll still have the opportunity to learn something or deal with confusing moments in the exam to feel more confident.

Good luck!