Preparation for IELTS exam is not IELTS downloadonly responsible, but sometimes a very expensive process. Even for self-preparation you need to purchase the textbooks, each of them will cost an average of one thousand rubles.

How to reduce your costs? The Internet offers the candidate a variety of educational resources that will help to save money and make the preparation effective.

Firstly, it is recommended to download the free examples of IELTS test and the tasks on the official website. It will allow the applicant to make an initial assessment of his knowledge and skills.

After it you can start to develop the training program. Below you can find the specialized sites that give you a lot of useful information.

If you use the smartphone we advise to download for free IELTS WordPower. It contains over a hundred exercises on the vocabulary development.

Useful tips which help you to save money during the preparation for IELTS:

  • Read as much as possible. You can use any sources: books, magazines, newspapers, and entertainment websites. Also you have to learn how to write the texts retelling read materials in your own words.
  • Develop your listening skills: you can immerse yourself in the language using the computer. Watch movies and popular science programs without translation; listen to the radio in English. It helps to get acquainted with the different accents, you will learn how to perceive fluent speech, learn and remember the colloquial expressions, which are not found in the textbooks.
  • The method of "mutual learning" will help for the development of speaking skills. Look for Skype and forums and find the foreigners which study Russian language, and help each other to comprehend the subtleties of the foreign languages in the process of communication.

IELTS Reading tips from British Council:

Following these tips will improve the efficiency of the preparation for the exam, and the classes themselves will be more diverse and interesting.