IELTS scoresAccording to the results of the exam candidates receive IELTS scores for each section of the test: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. All points for each of the modules are equal in value. The average of these four evaluations gives the total score for the exam.

Each point determines a certain level of proficiency. Total IELTS scores can be reported as a whole point, and as well as ½ points.

Nine-point IELTS scoring system is a reliable measure of your language skills.

Below you can see a gradation of possible results:

  • 9 - expert user

Your knowledge of English is perfect; you demonstrate adequate, accurate, rapid and complete understanding.

  • 8 - very good user

Fully fluent in the language, there are some only unsystematic occasional inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Misunderstanding may occur in unfamiliar situations. User can maintain complex detailed argumentation.

  • 7 - good user

Candidate demonstrates good understanding of the language with random inaccuracies minor inconsistencies in some situations. He understands detailed explanation and uses complex language well.

  • 6 - competent user

Basically, candidate shows a good knowledge of the language, bit there’re a lot inaccuracies, misunderstandings and inconsistencies. He can use and understand fairly difficult  language, particularly in familiar situations.

  • 5 - modest user

User shows partial knowledge of the language, a common understanding of the meaning despite of the many errors; he can support communication in familiar situations.

  • 4 - limited user

Proficiency is limited to familiar situations. Candidate has problems in expression and understanding, that’s why he’s not able to use complex language.

  • 3 - extremely limited user

Candidate expresses and understands only general meaning in familiar situations. They’re a lot of failures in communication.

  • 2 - intermittent user

Real communication is impossible, except the base words or short formulas in familiar situations and necessities. There’re serious difficulties in understanding spoken and written language.

  • 1 - none user

Substantially does not have the ability to use the language, except some familiar words.

  • 0 - Did not attempt the test

It’s impossible to assess the level of knowledge.

IELTS score are available on the tenth business day after its delivery. The result is obtained directly from the test center or by the letter.

IELTS center can also make and send the copies of the certificate exam at the specified organizations, embassies, universities.

An introduction to the IELTS scoring system:

If you want to receive high IELTS scores you should practice a lot. Solve the typical tasks every day, watch films and programs in English, read foreign books, and your level of the language will become higher.

If you want to check your knowledge, use the IELTS online test which can demonstrate your level of English.